Technology is a rapidly growing field. It is growing at a very fast pace. It is one of the most powerful inventions of man. The growth in technology has changed the requirements and the lifestyle of mankind.

Growth and advantages

Technology has shown its excellence in each and every field. Growth in technology has also led to industrialization. It has provided numerous benefits to man. It has provided employment, efficiency in work, it saves time, has made living easier and helps in living a luxurious life.

For example, earlier communication was difficult among people. It was a major drawback for people for both personal as well as professional needs. Earlier people wrote letters to communicate. Later telecommunication came into existence. This field grew with much more technological advancement like 2G, 3G, 4G and so on. Communication through satellites also came into existence. Internet is the most important and the revolutionary technological invention. Internet is the root source for everything. Now it is the generation of smart devices. Everything around has become smart due to new evolving technologies. It has grown to the extent that machines are capable of replacing humans as they can be faster, easier, efficient and in many more ways better than humans. Impossible have been made possible through technology in no time.


The technological growth also includes some disadvantages.

Hence, no doubt, man invented technology to make his life easier and it has perfectly worked out. But eventually humans have become the slaves of technology. This is evident from the fact that one cannot even imagine a life without any of the smart gadgets or man invented devices. This is because man got addicted to it. In some way or the other it benefits man. The addiction of one man is a profit for the other as this has become the business of this era. Knowingly or unknowingly, man has given his life in the hands of machines.

  • Man becomes lazy as he has a machine to do his work.
  • Man spends his valuable time in front of some useless things. The best example for this is teenagers and children who waste their time watching TV shows and movies which are purely meant for entertainment and are meant to watch during free time.
  • The technology which gave employment to people is now at that stage where the employment rate is decreasing because of it.
  • Man brought changes to his lifestyle and learnt to live a luxurious life.
  • In the effort to communicate with the person who stays in some corner of the world, man fails to even notice the one sitting beside.
  • The technology which improved the quality of living also led to the invention of nuclear weapons which can destroy lives.

Technology is like an ocean, and less than a drop about its advantages and disadvantages has been specified. Even then it is evident that growth in technology can be termed neither as a boon nor as a bane. It is up to an individual to use and depend on the technology based on their personal needs and requirements. Advancement in technology is a great achievement for mankind. It should be utilized accordingly. From the personal to professional uses, one can rely on the smartness of the devices and machines around us.


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It is rightly said, “Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.”