The Apple Pencil is perhaps one of the most popular stylus accessories in the world of computing devices. With the introduction of the iOS 11, Apple has rolled in newer and smarter abilities for the iPad Pro 12.9, 9.7 and 10.5. One of the key additions is the Instant Markup that allows the user to mark and write comments on a screenshot or a PDF File.

There is also Instant Notes that enables you to scroll, even when the iPad Pro is locked by just tapping the Apple Pencil on the screen. Amongst upgraded apps, we have the Notes app which allows in-line handmade drawings and scribbles, while the rest of the text aligns itself around the drawings and scribbling.

The entire experience of the Apple Pencil has been enhanced with the iOS 11. However, if you still need to know which apps you should download on your iPad Pro to enjoy the full capacity of this excellent accessory. We have listed some of the apps that you can install on your iPad Pro to make the best of the Apple pencil.


It is a free app that lives up to its name and will make your iPad Pro feel like a sheet of paper. It is more popular as an artist’s tool because it is mostly used to draw, outline structures, make sketches etc. You can also choose to write on it just like you do on paper. The app has a range of options for writing and sketching that makes it a perfect combination if you’re looking for a digital notebook. If you’re someone who regularly indulges in doodling and scribbling, get this app on your iPad.


Make notes with no fuss at all with Penultimate. It is an app brought to you by Evernote, designed with least complexity. It is a light app that lets you specify your pen grip and wrist position. You can also choose the paper type before beginning to write. The app recognises characters through which it can search your handwritten notes, but there is no handwriting recognition. It is also able to synchronise with the popular Evernote app smoothly so that you can be sure that all your handwritten and typed notes are in one place.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

If you need to make corrections and write comments on existing documents, especially on PDFs, Adobes very own PDF Reader is the best option. You can do it all, starting from signing forms to marking out changes that need to be done and even write in margins with this app. It works perfectly with the Apple Pencil, and since it comes from reliable creators, you can expect regular updates to better the whole experience.

Moleskine Journal

If you are a book nerd, you must have associated the name of this app with crafted journals and notebooks. And Moleskin Journal, in fact, tries to bring the same experience to its users. The app is laid out like a general Moleskin Journal, and you will be able to choose from several paper styles like squared, ruled and storyboard. The app lets you scribble and type, import images, store images and text on an inner pocket facility for later use. You will receive unlimited pages in the primary journal which is for free, but you will have to pay to use the more elaborately formatted Passion Journals–Recepie, Traveller and Wine are currently available. It is a more elegant solution for simple note-taking.


Notability is a paid app which you can buy at the price of Rs. 800. It is a professional note maker. The app is loaded with features which you can use to scribble with your Apple Pencil, type with the keyboard and add audio notes that can link to what you have written. The app will play the audio when you tap on the text. So, basically, if you have some thought while writing, you can say it out loud and record it along with your notes. The app is inclusive of everything you can do with your stylus accessory, from taking notes to writing and drawing tools. You can also rotate or enlarge a sketch if you want. Sure it comes at a price, but it’s a note-takers dream app.

So, go ahead and make the best use of your Apple Pencil with these incredible apps.