While we’re revolving in an age of ‘no-time,’ often it seems hard to stand in a line to book tickets for our friends and family. Well, for the very reason, IRCTS (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) has come up with an easy way to book train tickets for the passengers.

Traveling is one of the freshness we all cherish being a human being. A cloud of boredom always surrounds us while leading and following our daily routines and regulations. So, we all want a light of refreshment sooner or later in our lives. Vacation is the right thing that can serve us both the enjoyment and refreshment. And while going for a vacation, transportations are one of the main concerns.

For a long journey, a majority of the individuals prefers train out of comfort or finance. The cheaper rate of tickets always makes a big difference while choosing the transport. But like every other transportation alternative while booking train tickets. There are multiple options to book train tickets, but most of us are unaware of the easiest and correct procedure.

If we talk about non-offline train tickets, most of the individuals visit the official website of IRCTS and book the tickets online. But a heavy traffic in the peak hour may trouble you, and you can lose the chance to book your tickets. Keeping the aspect in mind, Indian Railway also offers the opportunity for you to book the train tickets by SMS! If you have gone through lots of hassles in booking tickets, An SMS is the best thing for you pursue with booking train tickets.

How to Book Train Tickets by SMS

You can find two procedures to book a train ticket by SMS. Both are efficient and easy to go. You can start booking your train tickets by USSD (Menu-Based Dialing), and the other is the booking by conventional SMS.

Train Ticket Booking by USSD

At the moment, only ‘Airtel’ provides the facility to book train by USSD.


  1. Dial *400# → Select ‘Book Tickets’ from the menu → Select ‘Reservation’ → Enter IRCTC User ID → Enter date of journey, departing and destination stations, train no., class and other details
  2. Enter an mPIN to approve payment through mobile wallet
  3. you will receive a confirmation message from IRCTC

Train Ticket Booking by SMS

Register themobile number with IRCTC and bank to start the process.


  1. Send SMS to 139 with the following format

BOOK<TrainNo><FromCity><ToCity><TravelDate (DDMM)><Class><Passenger Name><Age><Gender> … (up to 6 passengers)

e.g. BOOK 12345 SDAH NDLS 2512 CC Rahul 25 Male

  1. Once you get a return text from 139 with some details, send an SMS to 139 with above details to make payment.

PAY <Transaction ID as received><IMPS as the payment mode><Your MMID as received from the bank><OTP received from this transaction><IRCTC User ID>

  1. You will receive an SMS confirming the successful ticket booking.

Final Word

Here you have learned how to book train tickets by SMS. But this was just a glance of the whole procedure. There’re more hidden tricks that you need to know. Know how to cancel a booked ticket and every other aspect of train ticket booking from the article on LayerPoint.