The workplace today stands at the crossroads of innovation and technology. The new paradigm of doing work involves richer communication, document sharing, and collaborative work that is not limited to participants in the office space.

Deliotte stresses on enterprise productivity and collaboration tools, stating that when combined with an innovative work culture, employees tend to be more efficient and happier by 34%. Employee satisfaction is also up by 20% when employees have an access to these tools.

With the aim of exponentially improving work quality, Ricoh India brings its own high-power solution to the table, which is meant for highly quick brainstorming and collaborative sessions, augmented by technological solutions. When your employees need to gather, communicate productively, and get back to work, Ricoh is your go to provider so that you can redefine your workspace.

Ricoh’s services makes it possible to present drawings, review designs, make annotations and share notes in real time with a sizable number of participants. It brings customers, partners and employees closer together by offering effective visual communication. This not only reduces time consumption, but also cost and environmental impact, while increasing efficiency and performance.

Ricoh makes quick meetings and quick decisions a reality. Our Interactive Cloud Technology, integrated mobile device management, and videoconferencing systems combine with Interactive White Boards, Unified Communication Systems and Projectors. All these elements are bundled together in a highly interactive environment to make a solution that enhances the digital collaborative effort.

Ricoh, in effect, creates a digital workspace that caters to the requirements of both static and highly mobile workforces. Our technology enables greater teamwork and collaboration as compared to any other traditional meeting and conference rooms.